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September 10, 2020by Ayushi Tripathi0

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  • Never Stop Touching Words of Kindness.
  • Always mean what you say and say what you mean; kindly.
  • Always maintain eye-to-eye contact. Read the soul.
  • In your discussions avoid using the words, “Always and Never.”
  • Unless, it is to, Never stop kissing good morning and good nights. Always be kinds.
  • Touch skin to skin, hold hands.
  • Consider not only what you say to your partner, but how the information is delivered; kindly.
  • Always greet the other with a touch of a kiss, when coming home. It doesn’t matter who reaches out first.
  • Remember that the male and female are species and the genetic roles are different. Respect and value them. You are equal, however, you are different.
  • Walk the journey together, not fused, yet, side by side.
  • Nurture the other, one extra step. If you know their soul has been troubled in the past, help them honor their past. Listen with love.
  • You have earned what you have learned. You have earned choice.
  • You have learned insight, compassion, empathy and safety. Apply them.
  • Bring them into the marriage with your love.
  • Discuss the future yet live the present.

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Copyright by Dr. Claire Vines. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Dr. Claire Vines. All rights reserved.