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Depression and anxiety can surface following a separation or a loss of a loving relationships. Human societal skills do not teach us how to deal with loss and separation. Positive attachment, family and community are important for healthy living; however, because we are not taught how to cope with loss our protective defenses come in, surfacing as anxious and depressive emotions and behaviors. We can never forget our past; however, we can learn to cope.

What do we to do when we lose a strong attachment? Instinctual processing involves timing to grieve, through externalizing, support systems, and creative expressions. Emotions emerge from deep sadness, confusion, guilt and aloneness. Find your support system and reach out to others. The soul is strong.


Each person processes at their own pace, to follow his/her own personal steps to healing. Some persons initially, turn away from the healing process to avoid additional pain from a memory. This will prolong the healing process.

  1. Turn to your spiritual family, your passions, creative expressions, and your friends.
  2. Take care of yourself, your physical and emotional life.
  3. Concentrate on maintaining a healthily, regulated, balanced life pattern.
  4. Express yourself in relations to your emotional trauma and pain. Discover or develop your individual creative expression with validation and journaling. Increase your support system. Say what you never got to say.
  5. Accept emotional support.
  6. Do not isolate yourself. Do not avoid. Observe the world around you and find other life perspectives

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Dr. Claire Vines, Psy.D speaks fluent French, and Spanish. She offers a vast repertoire of psychological expertise with a special focus in multiple areas

Copyright by Dr. Claire Vines. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Dr. Claire Vines. All rights reserved.