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I will work with you to sort out and find solutions to conflicting problems in your Relationships.

Marriage and couples need guidance in loving their attachment, while at the same time, trusting their own individuality. Managing emotional life, sorting out conflicts between thought and feeling is the guide to sensing emotional freedom while being an in a relationship.

When counseling family relationships, I relate to understanding the quality of attachment between family members, the couple, parenting and the children.

The goal is directed at replacing negative communication into the positive.


“The couples conflict is not the struggle to control another person, but a struggle to control the definition of the relationship.” – Milton Erickson M.D.

Couples Counseling:

A couple is often asked to individually participate in a pre-counseling consultation. The individual goal is then planned around improving emotional strategies; by listening and learning how to deliver thoughts and feelings, and self-expressing. The couple learns how to work together, stimulating specific behavioral changes. Sessions promote conversation about similarities, as well as, individual differences. Couples will find ways to unlearn old negative patterns and interpersonal related conflicts.

Marriage Advice:

As a marriage couples counselor, I will assist you on how to improve your emotional strategies. Through an initial approach centering positive communication, I will direct you in how to better listen to one another and interact better as loving partners and family. I will help you with coping and processing difficult life events. These processes could include, parenting styles and interaction with others.

Make the most of your present on the way, moment to moment. The most emotionally secured future will always be based on how one has disengaged from negatives of a painful past. If it isn’t forgotten detach from the pain, regulate those emotions, remember gratitude for what is in the present. Manage and take charge of your emotional life in the present.

Sometimes the inner-self can get lost onto the intense road of external life. Find ways of externalizing creativity, back home to your inner-authentic self. As emotional intelligence increases, it takes less effort to heal. Studies have found that neurons in these areas become more efficient.


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Dr. Claire Vines, Psy.D speaks fluent French, and Spanish. She offers a vast repertoire of psychological expertise with a special focus in multiple areas

Copyright by Dr. Claire Vines. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Dr. Claire Vines. All rights reserved.