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Self Regulation of Acute Stress

Emotional Measures of Creative Expression:

Acute Traumatic Stress related to trauma injury, can feel uncontained and overflowing in emotional content. Our brain function becomes overwhelmed with fear, negative thinking and reminders of the intrusive events.

Often times, the brain’s initial traumatic defense is to hold on to that memory, covering it with symptoms of self-protective defenses such as, withdrawals, numbing or dissociation.

Painful, intrusive memories, become avoided and post traumatic, rather than progressively externalized and released, through therapeutic healing processing. Emotions then become dysregulated, and behaviors often dysfunctional. A post traumatic stress injury, becomes a reaction to the reflection of that memory, rather than of the past event itself.

You can begin by using the image below, circle your feelings and your emotions from the words listed below.


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Copyright by Dr. Claire Vines. All rights reserved.

Copyright by Dr. Claire Vines. All rights reserved.